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by Tim X. Wilkins - bio

Since the 1940s..

The Hogan, Snead, Nelson ,Suggs, Berg era, those of us that have been teaching how to swing the golf club and how to play the game of golf have ALL been teaching in some way shape or form the same principles or fundamentals of the golf swing.

We have ALL been teaching the same principles, and obviously to the many golfers that have taken lessons over the years the information has been conveyed in many different ways. Pick up any periodical and you will find the quick, fast, easy answer or secret as to how to fix your hook, slice, shank, how to not three putt,etc.

What I have come to appreciate is that since Hogan, who is the genesis of the modern swing, the basic fundamentals of the golf swing haven't changed. What I find very interesting is that, as I mentioned in my last article,the average golfer has not improved one shot over the past thirty years or so......So the information, which has not changed for the past 60 years, is still not very clearly understood by the masses. I see this on a daily basis, almost none of the golfers that I see for the first time have had a clear and thorough explanation of the fundamentals and their cause and effect relationship. So if you don't know how something works then on what are you practicing? (if you practice at all). How do you go about fixing a swing flaw if you don't know the basics of it's workings? How do you fix your slice, hook or the fact that your just inconsistent?

Over the 40 some years of learning about the golf swing and game by being around and in the game as a Member of the PGA of America for the past 30 years I have come to the simple clear understanding that the fundamentals of GRIP , BALANCE , SWING PLANE , TIMING , and SOLID CONTACT are the common denominators of every great ball striker.

Over the next several articles I will do my best to convey the knowledge about the golf swing that I have learned over the years to you to help you "SIMPLIFY THE PROCESS" of learning.

As an overview, if your hands are not connected or leveraged on the club efficiently, nothing else really matters. Your likelihood of consistent accurate distance is slim to none, and slim's out of town.

Secondly, if you are off balance again you stand next to no chance of attaining a level of proficiency that you are capable of. (pardon my dangling preposition)

Then comes the swing plane...timing...which is the essence of EVERYTHING...and finally solid contact which is the mother of all of all of the fundamentals and without which there is no transfer of energy from the club face to the ball.

Good and great golfers make solid contact virtually every time. The ball may not go exactly where you are aiming , but solid contact gets you nearer your target than not.

So in the next several articles I will be going over the swing step by step with the hopes of more golfers understanding how the swing works.

'Till patient and if I may be of help to your game please feel free to phone me at 470-8438 or e-mail me at to schedule a time to work on your game.

Tim X. Wilkins, PGA of America

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Public Courses

    A.J. Jolly
    Aston Oaks
    Avon Fields
    Beckett Ridge
    Beech Creek
    Blue Ash
    Boone Links
    Buck Point
    Cedar Trace
    Circling Hills
    Colonial Pines
    Crooked Tree
    Deer Run
    Deer Track
    Delhi Hills
    Devou Park
    Eagle's Nest
    Elks Run
    Fairfield Greens N.
    Fairfield Greens S.
    Flagg Springs
    Fox Run
    Friendly Meadows
    Golden Tee
    Grand Victoria
    Green Crest
    Hickory Sticks
    Hickory Woods
    Holly Hills
    Hoosier Links
    Hueston Woods
    Indian Ridge
    Indian Valley
    Kenton County
    Kings Island
    Lassing Pointe
    Legendary Run
    Little Miami
    Majestic Springs
    Meadow Links
    Miami Whitewater
    Orchard Hills
    Pebble Creek
    Perry Park
    Pleasant Hill
    Potter's Park
    Robin's Nest
    Rocky Fork
    Shaker Run
    Sharon Woods
    Shawnee Lookout
    Stonelick Hills
    Sugar Ridge
    Taylor Glen
    The Mill
    The Pines
    The Pioneer
    The Willows
    Twin Run
    Vista Verde
    Walden Ponds
    Western Row
    Whitacre's Oak Hill
    White Oak
    Wilmington Elks
    Winton Woods
    World of Sports

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