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by Tim X. Wilkins - bio
Well it's the first part of November and Fall has arrived loud and clear. The indian summer was nice while it lasted, but if you're an avid golfer,it's time to get the cold weather gear back out and invoke the "leaf rule" on those Saturday games. I hope that the last article on putting helped your game, don't stop practicing "cause your short game will save you all fall and winter as well. The next logical discussion after putting is chipping and short pitch shots. Think about how many greens you hit in regulation..............and for each green you miss you're obviously going to have some kind of short shot to the pin from around the green. When practicing these shots,and very few of you do, first get your technique down to a point of consistent control of your distances and direction, then work on all types of shots that you might be confronted with in a typical round of golf. Long running shots, lob or flop shots, shots near to the pin, uphill, downhill, sidehill, all of them. And make it fun and challenging for your self. You are not only becoming more familiar with all of these shots, mechanically, but if you challenge your self and push your self in practice, when confronted with ANY type of shot around the green you will be more focused on how you WANT to hit that particular shot, instead of being nervous or afraid of failure. Mechanically sure to make contact on the DOWNSWING...accelerate through ALL shots...keep the club low through the ball...and be clear in your mind as to what shot you want to hit ,picture it in your mind clearly, and take some practice swings to get a feel for the shot you want to execute. In conclusion, I'de like to address being prepared for cooler or cold weather. I will always make sure to have a warm hat or beenie, oversized ski mittens, a hand warmer, thermal pants and shirt,some layer of synthetic shirt or vest, a rain suit and or a pair of warm ski pants. Obviously dressing in layers,and trying to not have to wear a long sleeved jacket. I like to have my arms and shoulders as free as possible when swinging. I'll put the ski mittens on , with a handwarmer in at least one, in between shots to maintain a better touch and feel. Remember when your fingers get cold you will lose some feel for the club and often will grip the club too tightly without even realizing it. This in turn will have an adverse effect on your timing of the full swing andyour touch around the green. Oh yea, dont' forget the umbrella...the only thing worse than getting cold on the golf course is getting WET and COLD.

As always if I may be of any help to you with your golf game please feel free to contact me at 513-470-8438 or e-mail me at


Tim X. Wilkins, PGA of America

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