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by Tim X. Wilkins - bio

Into The Season

The weather has been nice enough for all of you to have played several rounds of golf by now. You've hit enough good shots to be psyched about playing….AND you've hit enough squirrelly shots to wonder…"What in the heck is going on with my swing?"

Yes sir….it's golf season again. What are your goals for this summer and fall, besides playing as much golf as you can before the snow starts flying again? Are you frustrated because you are NOT getting any better?

If one of your goals this season is to play better golf…shoot lower scores let me suggest two things that EVERYONE should do for themselves. First…call Steve Etter, (563-8661) who, in my opinion, is the most knowledgeable club repair and club fitting expert in the greater Cincinnati area, and let him check out your golf equipment. Make sure that your grips are in good shape…they should be changed every year or two…depending on how often you play and practice. As a golf professional I see way too many people trying to play with grips that are worn and /or are inappropriately too large or too small for their hand and finger size. Worn grips or those that are the wrong size for you have a dramatically negative impact on your grip and therefore timing.

Secondly, give me a call and schedule a video swing analysis lesson. Before you get too far down the road with poor swing mechanics, spend an hour with me to not only see what you're doing mechanically, but to get a clearer understanding of why and how to correct your balance, or your swing plane or your timing. Visual feedback, along with a clear professional explanation as to the cause and effect relationship of your swing fundamentals, is an absolute to any golfer who wants to hit the ball straighter…further and with more consistency. I will guarantee you that spending an hour with me will give you more clarity about your swing than you have EVER had. This session will also give me the opportunity to make sure that your clubs are the right length for you as well as the right shaft for your swing. If your swing mechanics are inefficient and if your equipment doesn't fit you and your swing then you will never attain your potential as a golfer, you'll be frustrated playing and the bottom line is you won't be having as much fun on the links. The game of golf is hard enough and frustrating enough WITH a good swing and with equipment that will compliment your game.

Steve Etter's facility is located at 9941 Reading Rd., in Evandale. 8/10ths of a mile south of Glendale-Milford Rd. Steve's facility offers a year round driving range, with heated covered tees, a 36 hole putt-putt course as well as his club fitting and repair shop. Steve can be reached every day at 563-8661.

Timothy X. Wilkins teaches out of Etter's range and may be reached any time at 470-8438…or via email at to schedule a time for golf lessons that is convenient for you.

I assure you that Steve and I will give you the "straight scoop" on your equipment and your swing to help you improve your game whether you are a scratch player or a beginner. Give us a call and we'll help you play better and have more fun as a result.

As always, if I may answer any of your golf questions or help you with your game please feel free to email me at or phone me at 513-470-8438.

Timothy Xavier Wilkins
Class “A” member
PGA of America

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Public Courses

    A.J. Jolly
    Aston Oaks
    Avon Fields
    Beckett Ridge
    Beech Creek
    Blue Ash
    Boone Links
    Buck Point
    Cedar Trace
    Circling Hills
    Colonial Pines
    Crooked Tree
    Deer Run
    Deer Track
    Delhi Hills
    Devou Park
    Eagle's Nest
    Elks Run
    Fairfield Greens N.
    Fairfield Greens S.
    Flagg Springs
    Fox Run
    Friendly Meadows
    Golden Tee
    Grand Victoria
    Green Crest
    Hickory Sticks
    Hickory Woods
    Holly Hills
    Hoosier Links
    Hueston Woods
    Indian Ridge
    Indian Valley
    Kenton County
    Kings Island
    Lassing Pointe
    Legendary Run
    Little Miami
    Majestic Springs
    Meadow Links
    Miami Whitewater
    Orchard Hills
    Pebble Creek
    Perry Park
    Pleasant Hill
    Potter's Park
    Robin's Nest
    Rocky Fork
    Shaker Run
    Sharon Woods
    Shawnee Lookout
    Stonelick Hills
    Sugar Ridge
    Taylor Glen
    The Mill
    The Pines
    The Pioneer
    The Willows
    Twin Run
    Vista Verde
    Walden Ponds
    Western Row
    Whitacre's Oak Hill
    White Oak
    Wilmington Elks
    Winton Woods
    World of Sports

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