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by Tim X. Wilkins - bio
How’s your golf game thus far this summer?

More specifically….how are you scoring?

If your scores aren’t as low as you think they should be by July…then here are a few questions to think about.

Are you practicing or only playing? Anyone that scores well is constantly working on or refining the feel of some part of their game or another. For ALL golfers there are two areas that MUST be in going well in order to score to your potential. Namely…Driving and Putting.

The simple truth of the matter is that your tee shot…on any hole…defines how you can go about the playing of that particular hole. In other words…if you hit your tee shot OB on any hole, the average golfer is AT BEST looking at a double bogey on that hole. Too much emphasis, in my opinion, is put on how FAR the driver goes off the tee instead of how consistently am I putting the tee ball in play. A couple of suggestions…Take a lesson and find out what mechanically is causing you to be so erratic or inconsistent. Make sure that the driver you are using is appropriate for your swing… ability,and your club head speed. And if all else fails try this for the next five rounds of golf you play…take the driver out of the bag and tee off with you three wood. I am NOT anti drivers…the high tech clubs on the market now do help many golfers hit the ball further. Just for giggles try driving with your three wood for five rounds and I will wager you that you put the ball in play dramatically more frequently and from that you will score lower. What the heck….what do you have to lose?

The other end of the game is as important if not more so in the process of scoring. A good putter is a match for anyone. You can clean up a whole lot of ugly shots with a one putt.

First get with an expert..a PGA Professional and make sure you are using a putter that fits you and your stroke. At the same time take an hour lesson on putting. The mechanics….reading greens and how to control you speed. After that PRACTICE…PRACTICE…PRACTICE. For every 20 people I see hitting balls on a range there might be 1 or 2 at the putting green….and most of those that ARE practicing their putting aren’t doing so effectively…their just grooving old habits that aren’t serving them.

When the tee ball is in play and you’re putting well you will be shooting lower scores…I guarantee it !!

As always, if I may answer any of your golf questions or help you with your game please feel free to email me at or phone me at 513-470-8438.

Timothy Xavier Wilkins
Class “A” member
PGA of America

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    Hoosier Links
    Hueston Woods
    Indian Ridge
    Indian Valley
    Kenton County
    Kings Island
    Lassing Pointe
    Legendary Run
    Little Miami
    Majestic Springs
    Meadow Links
    Miami Whitewater
    Orchard Hills
    Pebble Creek
    Perry Park
    Pleasant Hill
    Potter's Park
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    Rocky Fork
    Shaker Run
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